About us

We are a group of individuals with a decade long experience in testing and analyzing herbal supplements. These nootropics, as we call them, are now more popular than ever before and we have a real chance to affect the public perception on the matter. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the quality and effects of certain nootropics. For this reason, our team is a perfect way to get relevant and impartial about the supplement you wish to try.

As an independent body, we have been researching and testing many brands and varieties of nootropics. Though years, our experience grew as well as our reputation in the matter. Today, we can confidently say that our word of approval or disapproval can be taken as a relevant mark of an individual product. As we are not sponsored or endorsed by any company, you can be sure that our reviews will always be faithful to the facts and non-biased.

We try to make our reviews as professional as possible to give you the best image of the product in question. While maintaining our professional level, we also want to make the review pleasing and easily understandable by anyone reading it. We wish to show you a quick overview of a supplement so that you can know all that you need to know in only a couple paragraphs. With our long experience standing as a testament to our success, we believe that such recipe is the perfect way of addressing our readers. So far, it has proven to be what our users want since our readers repeatedly mark our reviews as accurate and trustworthy. We exist solely to help our readers make the best decision in choosing the right supplement for them.