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Phenylpiracetam is one of the most powerful nootropic supplements that can be found on the market today. It is a relatively new and a lesser-known nootropic from the racetam family. A great way to think of this nootropic is that it is a modified version of original nootropic Piracetam. However, it has better neuroprotective properties, it is 30 to 60 times stronger and is documented to increase athletic performance. For all these reasons, Phenylpiracetam has seen a boost in popularity among nootropic users over the past few years.

Product Description:

Phenylpiracetam is quite similar to Piracetam. The only major difference, structurally speaking, is the addition of a phenol group molecule attached. The addition of this molecule improves it in the following two ways:

  • Energizing – It leads to stimulant effects that are clean and better resemble what you might encounter when using something like Adderall. But, Phenylpiracetam side effects are much safer than those you might experience when using an amphetamine-based smart drug such as Adderall.
  • More Powerful – More powerful effects and enhanced potency by allowing the molecule to pass through the blood-brain barrier (BBB) easier and more efficiently. This means that you can take a much smaller dose of this supplement to get the same benefits as other nootropic supplements.

In comparison to other members of racetam family, Phenylpiracetam is pretty powerful and has high bioavailability, even when taken orally. Its half-life is about 3-5 hours.

General thoughts:


Since Phenylpiracetam is a modified version of Piracetam, it does have many of the same benefits. This is especially true in relation to many of the cognitive benefits and effects.

Phenylpiracetam enhances memory and overall cognitive function better than Piracetam. It also protects the brain and has been documented to increase athletic performance. Because of its powerful nature and potent effects, Phenylpiracteam is a great addition to any nootropic stack. Students and athletes may benefit the most because of its motivating and stimulating nature. It also provides an enhanced tolerance to stress and that is a valuable bonus alongside the general enhanced cognition.

Phenylpiracetam has also been studied in relation to its effect on movement and mood. There are many proofs that this supplement actually modulates a number of receptor sites and different transmitters. These include NDMA, GABA, Acetylcholine and Dopamine.

In studies, this supplement has shown the following effects.

  • Decreases the effects of cold on our body by enhancing ones tolerance to it.
  • Decrease the effects of sleep deprivation for the duration of its effects by many people who use it.
  • Ability to decrease the fear response and anxiety in rats with induced immune stress.
  • Proven to decrease and prevent the effects of Amnesia.
  • Enhance antidepressant and locomotor activity and increase memory in rats.
  • Promotes memory, problem-solving and attention-switching skills in people who suffer from asthenia.

For Athletes

This supplement is also excellent for working out and boosting physical performance. It decreases the negative effects from stress on your body, which is priceless to athletes, boosting endurance, stamina and recovery. This enhanced tolerance to stress also includes enhancing your body’s tolerance to cold.

Phenylpiractem also provides clean and focused energy similar to that of an amphetamine. Focused, motivated, clean energy without caffeine jitters is perfect in a compound to help optimize your performance during competitions or workouts.

It is very important to say that this supplement is on the WADA banned substance list so professional athletes should decide on Phenylpiracetam supplementation accordingly.

For Learning and Studying

Phenylpiracetam benefits are particularly helpful for learning and studying. Its stimulating nature is excellent for a general cognitive study booster, pre-test focus help or sleep deprived cram session. Its effects on memory allow for complete retention enhancement. Also, mood and motivation enhancement allow for general better learning. And in the end, its ability to decrease the effects of anxiety and stress should allow for better learning under pressure.

How It Works

Although the benefits of using Phenylpiracetam have been proven outside and inside the laboratory, the exact mechanism of action of this supplement isn’t completely understood.

Its energy increasing properties may be because of the fact that the Phenylpiracetam molecule resembles those of phenylethylamine (an organic compound that is famous for its stimulatory effects.

Phenylpiracetam Dosage

A usual dosage of this supplement ranges from 100 to 200 mg in one day, taken up to three times a day. When using Phenylpiracetam it is strongly recommended to begin with as low of an efficient dose as possible. Most users seem to have initial results starting as low as 100 mg of Phenylpiracetam in one day. Phenylpiracetam should not be used every day or on a long-term basis because tolerance to this supplement is reported to develop relatively quickly.

The most effective way to take this supplement would be on a cycle, maybe a couple days a week, then a week or two layoff. Phenylpiracetam can be stacked with Sulbutiamine, Alpha GPC, or another Racetam.

This supplement is equally as efficient if it is only taken on an as-necessary basis, when you want a very intense and focused training or to help study for an important exam.


Phenylpiracetam Choline Stack

It is suggested to try Choline and Phenylpiracetam stack without adding any other racetam supplements to the stack in the beginning. It is very important to find the lowest dosage that provides the wanted effects within your individual neurochemistry.

Because of its amplified potency, Phenylpiracetam requires lower dosages. Because of the tolerance factor with this supplement, it is very important to find the lowest dosage which will provide you the wanted effects. It is recommended to begin with 100 mg Phenylpiracetam and 250 mg Citicoline.

If no results are experienced on the first day, increase Phenylpiracetam dosage by 50 mg and allow time for the results to be experienced. The dosage can be increased up to a maximum of 250 mg. However, most users should experience effect at lower dosages.

The half-life is around 3-5 hours, so taking a second time during the day is a viable option if necessary. Some users who take smart drug later in the day have reported sleep disturbances.

This stack is a great choice for those who are working long hours or those preparing for a big project or for students who are studying for exams. It is recommended to reserve this racetam for special occasion use. This will allow your brain to maintain its sensitivity to the powerful effects of Choline Phenylpiracetam stack.

Phenylpiracetam Piracetam Stack

Phenylpiracetam and Piracetam stack is particularly useful for athletes and students. A healthy balanced daily routine while saving the potent effects of Phenylpiracetam for when you need it most, increasing just about every aspect of your body and mind. Expect extreme energy, focus, stamina, motivation, better mood and decreased need for sleep.

This is an example of how to incorporate Phenylpiracetam into your stack.


  • 300 mg Alpha GPC
  • 4800 mg Piracetam
  • 1 dose Multivitamin
  • 1 dose Fish Oil

As Necessary for Workouts/Tests/Studying

  • 200 mg Sulbutiamine
  • 100 mg Phenylpiracetam



You can purchase Phenylpiracetam in capsule or powder form. The best brand names are Max Synapse and Awake Brain (capsules) and PeakNootropics (powder form). The capsules may be expensive so it is more cost-effective to buy it in powder form.

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Side Effects:

Like other nootropics in the racetam family, Phenylpiracetam is considered a safe and well-tolerated supplement. There are few documented side effects from taking Phenylpiracetam when used at the recommended doses. If you encounter headaches, it may be a sign that you should increase or add your choline dosage, which is generally advised when using racetams.

There are no documented drug interactions. However, women who are expecting a baby or breastfeeding are recommended to not use this supplement because of a lack of knowledge about potential side effects.

Other side effects are generally not severe and can include gastrointestinal issues, nausea and irritability. If any of these happen, simply decrease the dose.


Phenylpiracetam is not well-known as other racetams so finding this supplement for sale can be difficult. That means you will need to visit an online specialized vendor in order to buy Phenylpiracetam. You can visit, and

These are some of the best suppliers for nootropics. Their quality is tested for purity by independent third party laboratories. When purchasing your nootropics you should stick with a supplier that is proven to be trustworthy because there are a number of very low quality suppliers that offer this nootropic in bulk with many impurities.

Because of its powerful effects, Phenylpiracetam is quickly becoming popular with people who use nootropic supplements. You should try it as an alternative to the more common racetams.

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