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Sunifiram, also known as DM-235, is an exciting new development in the world of nootropics. It is a derivative of the Racetams. It provides a very potent cognitive enhancement along with energy and mood improvement. Having been synthesized in the early 2000s, Sunifiram is one of the most recent supplements to be introduced into the nootropic line of supplements. Sunifiram is discovered recently and only a limited body of research is available to date, but preliminary animal researches indicate that it is a very efficient nootropic shown to improve memory and learning. It is believed to have amazing potential as a possible treatment for many neurological disorders, including amnesia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease.

Product Description:

Some studies have suggested that it works similarly to Piracetam but it is over 1000 times more powerful than Piracetam for the same dose.

No severe side effects have been documented. There have been no documented clinical trials or researches involving humans but animal researches suggest that Sunifiram is both well tolerated and safe. Also, it may be even less toxic than the Racetams.

Sunifiram is a derivative of the Racetam group of nootropics. However, it has a different chemical structure and it is classified as a piperazine alkaloid rather than Racetam. Sunifiram is also considered an Ampakine because it is an AMPA agonist.

Sunifiram is extremely efficient at increasing memory function as well as alertness, decision making, learning and attention span.

General thoughts:


  • Depression and anxiety management: Although animal researches don’t show that Sunifiram works as an anxiety and anti-depressant reliever, some people who take it claim that it has these effects. This could be because of the compound which interacts with the glutamatergic AMPA receptors and works as a mild stimulant or its actions as an Ampakine.
  • Perceptual/visual booster: While reports of perceptual and visual enhancement are far from universal, many users report that using Sunifiram gives them a brighter look, making colors more vibrant and shadow and light more pronounced. For some users it also makes music more emotionally meaningful and mentally engaging.
  • Memory and learning: Sunifiram has been shown to work as a potent nootropic, providing measurable improvements in memory recall, retention and learning speed. Animal researches proved that this supplement not only increased performance in learning tasks, it actually reversed chemically-induced amnesia.
  • Enhanced sex drive: A significant percentage of people who take Sunifiram claim that it has noticeable and distinct aphrodisiac properties, enhancing their sex drive. This effect has not been proven in animal researches and doesn’t appear to be universal.
  • Energy and mood booster: Many people who take Sunifiram claim that it gives them more energy and a brighter, happier outlook.
  • Enhanced motivation and focus: People who use Sunifiram often report that it improves their concentration and focus and enhances their motivation. The motivation and focus enhancement effects could be attributable to the fact that Sunifiram stimulates the release of Acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter most closely connected with cognitive ability.


How It Works

Sunifiram is known to work in two ways, both as a cholinergic that enhances the production and release of Acetylcholine and as an Ampakine that stimulates the activity of glutamine receptors. Its precise mechanisms of actions are not completely understood. However, it is thought that Sunifiram’s primary action is that of an Ampakine. This means that after crossing the BBB, it binds to AMPA-type glutamate receptors in the brain. This stimulates the production of glutamate, a crucial neurotransmitter which has the vital role in neural activation.

Glutamate is excitatory neurotransmitter which is essential to synaptic plasticity, or the ability of nerve synapses to respond to decreases and increases in activity. A sufficiency of glutamate is vital to long-term potentiation, or lasting boost in signal strength between nerve cells. This is especially important in the hippocampus, the area of the brain which has the main role in both the formation and storage of memory and spatial navigation. It is thought that much of Sunifiram’s cognitive improvement ability is achieved by increasing neural signal strength in this area of the brain.

Ampakines also work as mild stimulant that boost energy and alertness, but without restlessness and other negative side effects connected with amphetamines, Ritalin and caffeine.

Sunifiram is also believed to work as a cholinergic, boosting the production and release of the Acetylcholine. Although the exact process by which this happens has not been understood, an animal research proved that tests using piperazine compounds like Sunifiram had a cholinergic effetc similar to that of Piracetam.

Acetylcholine is narrowly connected with most aspects of cognition, including learning ability and speed, memory, and fluid intelligence. Most nootropic supplements work by stimulating the production of Acetylcholine, either by directly supplying the choline from which Acetylcholine is created or by stimulating acetylcholine receptors.


Sunifiram is unbelievably concentrated compared even to the most powerful Racetams, such as Pramiracetam and it requires a much smaller dose than Racetams for efficiency. You will notice positive effects from a dosage as small as 4 mg. However, many users usually take between 5-8 mg in a day, and this dosage is usually considered both efficient and safe. A Sunifiram dosage of 10 mg is more likely to cause a stimulant effect similar to Adderall. Sunifiram is best taken sublingually.

It is recommended to begin with the smallest possible effective dose and build slowly as necessary. Not only is it a new supplement on which no human studied have been documented, Sunifiram is also known to be extremely strong and a too-high dosage could have unwanted side effect, such as brain fog and over-stimulation.

Also, tolerance to Sunifiram may build quickly. To avoid this problem, some people suggest cycling it with other nootropics.


Sunifiram can be safely and efficiently stacked with other nootropic supplements. However, users are advised to be both conservative and cautious about Sunifiram doses in combination with other powerful nootropics, especially until they are certain how they personally react to Sunifiram.

Stacking for mood improvement: Sunifiram is known to stack well with Aniracetam for mood improvement. Sunifiram also stacks well with L-theanine, which increases production of GABA, dopamine and serotonin and works as glutamine reuptake inhibitor. Another good addition to this type of stack is Sulbutamine, which potentiates glutamatergic, cholinergic and dopaminergic transmission. Also, a good choline source is very important both to prevent headaches and other unpleasant side effects and as a potentiator.

Stacking for increased cognitive effects: This is probably the most usual type of Sunifiram stack. It is best accomplished by combining Sunifiram with one or more of the Racetams, such as Noopept, Piracetam and Oxiracetam. It is very important to add a good choline source, such as centrophenoxine, Alpha GPC or CDP choline to this type of stack because Racetams make a potent draw on the brain’s choline source.


Sunifiram is available with the brand Liftmode selling it in pharmaceutical grade powder form at

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Side Effects:

No severe side effects have been documented to this date. However, it’s important to note that no human researches or clinical trials have been finished. Information from animal researches shows that Sunifiram is both well tolerated and safe, and even dosages many times larger than the effective dosage have not proven toxic.

User reported side effects are both temporary and minor and include enhanced salivation and/or perspiration, nasal stuffiness, enhance in body temperature, headache, insomnia and an increase in sensitivity to audio and visual stimulation.


Sunifiram is one of the most promising and exciting new nootropics, providing powerful energy, perceptual, mood and cognitive benefits. Many people take it on a regular basis and consider it a favourite. However, Sunifiram is not a supplement to be consumed carelessly and taken lightly, because no human researches have been documented and much remains to be understood about this potent nootropic.

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