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Step by step to your own eBook – Series

Step by step to your own eBook – Series

Step by step to your own eBook – New article seriesAfter I could collect many experiences with my own eBook in the last months, I start today with a suitable article series.

The series is about creating your own eBook and how to proceed step by step.

What awaits you in the article series, you will learn in the following. I am also looking forward to your questions.

Step by step to your own eBook

It’s time again for an extensive series of articles. This time it’s about creating your own eBook and what you have to consider.

It will be a very detailed series, because my rough planning already contains 17 chapters. But of course I would also like to go into detail on all important steps and not only describe my own procedure, but also present other options and opinions.

Why write an eBook at all?

But first the question arises why you should write an eBook at all? After all, this is a lot of effort and you invest a lot of work without knowing exactly how well the eBook will sell then.

On the one hand it is something else to publish an eBook, than “only” blog articles or similar. You have more or less something in your hand that you can show others.
Your own eBook helps to make a name for yourself and to make new contacts. Besides it increases the own image, since it is already something special.
With an eBook you can help other people and build loyal fans and supporters.
Of course you can also earn money with an eBook and if you do it right, this can lead to a permanent income.
But of course you have to leave the church in the village and you can’t jump at the keyboard with dollar signs in your eyes.

There is no guarantee of success and certainly no guarantee of large financial returns. A certain risk is always present when writing an eBook, but this can be minimized.

You should also keep in mind that it is an important experience and you can learn a lot from it.

Why don’t more people write eBooks?

That’s a good question that has different answers.

So many people are afraid of the effort involved in creating an eBook. After all, you invest a lot of time in an eBook before you can benefit from it in one way or another.

Others, on the other hand, are afraid of the public, because you often set different standards and expectations for an eBook than for blog articles, for example. Especially when the eBook costs money, many readers are understandably more critical. There are many eBooks, which are garbage or overpriced, but that is naturally also a chance positively to stand out.

But there are also certain legal requirements and risks involved in selling eBooks that can put some people off. Unfortunately, Germany is not the easiest place to do that.

All these concerns are justified, but can be overcome by various measures and best practices. Of course, writing an eBook is not the optimal way for everyone, but many self-employed people on the net can profit from it.

My experiences

I myself have been thinking for quite some time about writing and publishing an eBook. However, it remained for a long time with the project.

There were several reasons for it. On the one hand I was more than busy with my blogs and websites, so that writing an eBook was not on my priority list for a long time.

In addition, I wanted to find a really suitable topic for my first eBook in order to increase the chances of success. With the niche page challenge, the right topic was found.

One should not underestimate the positive effects of a deadline. If you don’t have a deadline on which the eBook has to be finished, then you like to push the work ahead. Since I had announced however that the eBook will appear punctually to the niche side Challenge 2015, that put me naturally under pressure. That helped me to get started.

The last point that held me back for a long time was the legal aspects. But then I found a solution that solved the problem. And if you also take a closer look at the legal requirements, they also lose their horror.

Step by step to my own eBookSo it was then at the beginning of 2015 finally so far that I published my first eBook.

This was preceded by a few exhausting months that were also fun when I saw the eBook grow.

I made very good experiences.

And it has also been financially worthwhile, I have meanwhile earned more than 12,000 euros with it.

This awaits you in the article series
As already written, it will be a quite extensive series of articles, as I have already planned 17 chapters. In the end there might be one or two more chapters to be added or omitted, but that’s where it will go.

In the course of the individual parts I answer among other things the following questions:

How do you find a good idea or a good topic for an eBook?
How do you plan an eBook?
How to write an eBook and how to deal with it?
Which obstacles and mistakes are to be avoided?
Which software do you use to write an eBook?
What is the best way to design an eBook?
Which price is the right one?
What does the landing page/sales page have to look like?
Sell on your own website or an eBook platform?
Which measures provide for more sales?
Which legal things have to be considered?
and more
Of course I will give many practical tips, describe my own experiences and let other eBook authors have their say.

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