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52 tips for successful entrepreneurship

52 tips for successful entrepreneurship

On this page I list all the tips that have appeared in this series so far, so they are easy to find.

In addition, there are a few more reading recommendations for founders and self-employed.

52 Tipps for a successful self employment

It is not a matter of one thing why a self-employment is successful or not. Instead, there are a large number of factors that influence it.

In more than 10 years of self-employment I have gathered a lot of experience and learned a lot of tips.

In the following I list 52 tips, with whose assistance you can become more successful:

  • Ideas
    It’s about how to find ideas, how important a great idea is and why implementation is crucial in the end.
  • Flexibility
    The article explains why flexibility is important and why planning is still necessary. I also share my experiences in this regard.
  • Business model 1:n instead of 1:1
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of 1:1 customer-oriented work compared to the 1:n business model?
  • Your own office
    In this article I explain why I consider my own office important and what advantages and disadvantages it brings with it.
  • Customer view
    Why the customer view is so important and how to use wishes, worries and problems of the target group.
  • Endurance and staying power
    This is about stamina and staying power and why they are so important for success. I also describe my experiences.
  • Word of mouth
    Word of mouth is one of the most important instruments for customer acquisition. Tips can be found here.
  • Business model
    The article explains why a concrete business model is important and what one should pay attention to.
  • Flood of information
    How to deal with the flood of information as a founder and what you should pay attention to
  • The first impression
    This article is about the first impression you make offline, but also online and why it is so important.
  • Choice of legal form
    Setting up a business is usually a quite extensive undertaking and you have to take care of many things. This includes the choice of the legal form.
  • Focus & Specialization
    This article explains why focus and specialization are very important for success.
  • Backup and Data Protection
    The topic of “regular backups” is only perceived by many as important when it is too late.
  • Investing and Reinvesting
    Especially as a founder you often have not only little money, but you also earn very little. Why one should nevertheless invest in one’s own business, I explain today.
  • The 80/20 rule
    The 80/20 principle is also known as the Pareto principle and can very well help the self-employed to increase productivity.
  • Financial Planning & Reserves
    Part 16 deals with financial planning, expenditure and why reserves are needed.
  • Use or ignore feedback from customers?
    How to deal with feedback from customers, readers, etc.? To what extent should this feedback influence one’s own path?
  • Be greedy and stay greedy
    How important is it to have a strong drive in order to be successful as a self-employed person and above all to remain successful in the long term?
  • Know How & Experience
    In this article I will discuss how much know-how is necessary and what experience you should have before you start your own business.
  • Optimal number of customers
  • The question that many founders ask themselves is: How many customers do I need at all? I’ll answer that here.
  • Learning to say no
    As a founder of a new business, one is usually happy about every new order. Why this is normal and why one should learn to say no nevertheless, I explain in this article.
  • Speed?!
    This article deals with the question whether you as a self-employed person always have to be the first to be successful.
  • References
    References are examples of previous work and services. Why are references so important and how do you get them?
  • Several mainstays
    Why one should not have only one source of income in the medium term, I explain in this article. In addition, of course, I will again give tips from my own experience.
  • Efficiency
    What efficiency actually means and tips for working more efficiently as a self-employed person.
  • Environment and private life
    How to deal with one’s own environment and family as a founder and what effects this has is the subject of my article today.
  • Business papers
    In this article I will explain what role business papers play for the self-employed, what variants there are and whether everyone really needs them.
  • Setting
    This article deals with what the right attitude of business start-ups is all about and my own experiences.
  • Goals
    Goals are of great importance when it comes to self-employment. In this article you will find out why this is so and how to best define your goals.
  • Leisure
    In today’s part of my article series I deal with a topic that many self-employed people know only from hearsay.
  • Service
    Why service is an important building block for success and tips for good service are given in this article.
  • Workflows & Routines
    In this article I would like to show why routine and fixed workflows can be positive in self-employment.
  • Reflect
    Here you can find out why self-employed people should always reflect on their own professional and private situation.
  • Current technology
    In this tip for the self-employed, I explain how important technology is for success and what you should pay attention to.
  • Law
    In this article, I explain which legal framework conditions in particular self-employed persons have to observe in the network.
  • Company name and domain
    If you start your own business on the Internet, you have to make 2 important decisions at the very beginning. The company name and the domain.
  • Concept & Planning
    In this article I will discuss how I approach the creation of a concept and the subsequent implementation planning.
  • Taxes
    The subject of taxes is not only complicated, but can also quickly get the self-employed into financial difficulties. Here you can find out what to look out for.
  • Self-marketing
    You can find out exactly what self-marketing is, what it brings and how best to approach it in today’s tip.
  • Social Media
    This tip will tell you what social networks can do for the self-employed and what you should pay attention to.
  • Motivation & Passion
    In this article you can find out what role motivation and passion play and how to keep them.
  • Health
    In this article I discuss typical health problems of self-employed people and give tips for working day and fitness. I also describe my own experiences.
  • Advice
    Which consulting offers there are for existence founders and independent ones and how one uses these best.
  • Outsourcing
    In this article I give an overview of the possibilities and advantages of outsourcing. I also describe my experiences.
  • Distraction
    What distractions there are for self-employed people and what you can do in the home office or in the external office against it.
  • Save money
    Why one should pay attention as a business founder to save money and not only to spend, you learn in my today’s tip.
  • Security
    Why self-employed people should think about their own security and what they should protect.
  • Calculation, prices, hourly rate
    Every business founder has to deal with the topic of “calculation”, as the success of their own independence depends on it.
  • Deadlines & dates
    How to deal with tight deadlines and why I like deadlines.
  • Customer loyalty
    Many forget that a lot of potential is hidden in the existing customers. Here it depends on good customer loyalty, which I will deal with here.
  • Security
    In this tip I go into the subject of “security” online and offline and share tips and experiences.
  • Fun
    In the last part of the series, I explain why fun at work is so crucial.

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