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Vinpocetine is an extract from the seeds of the Vince Minor plant. It is a unique supplement which boosts cognition, mood and memory in many ways.

It increases the production of vital neurotransmitters, it enhances the absorption of nutrients and oxygen, it promotes cerebral blood circulation and flow, and it works as an antioxidant, protecting the brain from the aging process, negative effects of stress and environmental toxins.

Many people consider Vinpocetine to be one of the best nootropics that should be used by everyone on a regular basis. You can buy Vinpocetine in its own for use in a stack or you can find it in nootropic products, such as Alpha Brain.

Product Description:

Vinpocetine used today is synthetically produced to ensure quality. However, the herbal origins of this compound mean that it is generally classified as a natural nootropic. Vinpocetine was first isolated in 1975 in Hungary.

It has been mass produced in Hungary as a prescription medicine since 1978. It is used throughout Eastern Europe as a drug for age-related memory deterioration and cerebrovascular disorders. In the US it is available as a dietary supplement because it is not regulated as a pharmaceutical.

Although clinical trials of this supplement have been limited, it has shown to be an efficient vasodilator with specific and directs effects on the brain.

It has also been proven to increase cerebral metabolism, and these factors are the basis of Vinpocetine’s nootropic abilities. It has also been proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and it is thought to have potential as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other age-related neurodegenerative disorders.

Vinpocetine is both safe and well tolerated. It works effectively both in combination with other supplements and on its own.

Although at present Vinpocetine is less well-known than many other brain drugs, it has enormous potential for both cognitive and anti-aging improvement.

General thoughts:


Vinpocetine’s actions as an anti-inflammatory agent and vasodilator make it a potent and efficient nootropic, increasing cognition by enhancing the effectiveness of the brain and promoting the overall health.

  • Mood improvement: Researches indicate that Vinpocetine stimulates enhanced production of many vital neurotransmitters, the brain chemicals which enable the transfer of nerve impulses. Making more of these chemicals available for use in the brain not only increases cognitive abilities and learning, but can also decrease anxiety, enhance a feeling of energized well-being and boosts cognitive abilities and learning.
  • Improved mental clarity and quicker learning: Vinpocetine is also thought to enhance the body’s ability to convert dietary lipids and glucose to ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the cellular coenzyme which transfers chemical energy for metabolism. The more adenosine triphosphate available for use in the brain, the quicker learning and the improved intellectual capacity can take place. The presence of ample ATP in the brain increases feelings of mental clarity and decreases feelings of „brain fog“ (mental fatigue).
  • Improved concentration and focus: Vinpocetine has been proven to work as a limited-action vasodilator, boosting blood circulation and flow in the brain without effecting blood pressure in the rest of the body. Boosted blood circulation and flow promotes the overall health and effectiveness of the brain, which in turn lengthens attention span and improves concentration and focus.
  • Memory enhancement: Vinpocetine is prescribed throughout Eastern Europe as a treatment for memory disorders. It is widely recognized for its ability to sharpen memory. Most of clinical trials indicate that this supplement can enhance memory formation in older individuals with memory deterioration. Also, people who use Vinpocetine claim that it helps them recall learned information more accurately and quickly.

How It Works

Vinpocetine is not completely water soluble and is usually incompletely absorbed. However, concentrations peak quickly in the blood and get into central nervous system and brain with relative rapidity.

Initial scientific researches suggest that Vinpocetine has many effects on the brain. The most important of these effects is the increasing oxygen utilization and blood circulation.

Vinpocetine enhances blood flow in the brain without effecting blood pressure or circulation throughout the rest of the body. Vinpocetine has also been proven to specifically aim the areas of poor circulation within the brain and damaged brain cells.


The enhanced flow of blood and associated oxygenation makes the brain more tolerant to hypoxia and ischemia, conditions of insufficient and decreased oxygen associated with stroke and other brain injuries and pathologies.

In healthy brains and enhanced flow of blood and associated oxygenation is thought to have important nootropic properties.

Also, enhanced oxygenation and circulation in the brain improves overall brain function with enhanced production of coenzyme ATP, which is vital for cerebral metabolism.

By producing a sufficiency of coenzyme ATP Vinpocetine enhances the effective usage of glucose and other brain nutrients and thus promotes mental clarity.

Vinpocetine also works as an anti-inflammatory agent in the brain. It decreases the expression of the vascular and proinflammatory cell adhesion molecules which can cause neuronal death in states such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

The anti-inflammatory characteristics of Vinpocetine make it a promising neuroprotectant which could potentially have major anti-aging benefits.

This supplement has also been proven to interact with potassium, calcium and sodium ion channels in the brain, modulating the release of different neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, noradrenalin and acetylcholine. By enhancing the availability of these neurotransmitters Vinpocetine not only effects overall cognition and memory but it may boost mood by increasing feelings of well-being and energy and soothing feelings of anxiety.


The recommended dose for Vinpocetine is 50 to 100 mg, divided into two or three daily dosages. You may experience positive results with even smaller dosages, particularly when used in a stack with other nootropic supplements.

It is recommended to begin by taking 10 mg of Vinpocetine and do not enhance until you have minimum 7 days of side-effect free experience.


Vinpocetine can be efficient nootropic taken on its own, but it is known to work extremely well when paired with other nootropics and is often found in preformulated supplements. Here are some ideas if you like to make your own nootropic stack

Racetam and Vinpocetine Stack

This nootropic stack will make the most of intensive learning time. The Vinpocetine will work with the Aniracetam to enhance memory, the Piracetam will boost general cognition and the Alpha GPC will ensure sufficient top-quality choline for transformation to Acetylcholine, also known as the „studying neurotransmitter.“

Ginkgo Biloba and Vinpocetine Stack

Ginkgo Biloba and Vinpocetine act as potentiators for each other, with the combination of enhancing efficiency and overall potency of both. This amazing stack will boost productivity and motivation, promote mood and increase cognitive abilities.


Vinpocetine is available with the brand names of Cavinton, Cognitol, Intelectol and Neurovin. Most users prefer to purchase Vinpocetine as a part of the popular nootropic supplement Alpha Brain.

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Side Effects:

When used as recommended, Vinpocetine is regarded safe with low risk of side effects. It is usually well tolerated and has a lower toxicity rating than caffeine.

Although there are no severe Vinpocetine side effects, some individuals may encounter mild discomfort when using this supplement. In some instances difficulty falling asleep, anxiety, nausea, light-headedness, stomach pain and headaches were reported.

Vinpocetine has anti-platelet effect, which means that it may affect platelet accumulation and blood clotting. For this reason, using Vinpocetine with anticoagulant supplements or drugs could result in negative interactions.

This supplement is contraindicated for individuals undergoing planned surgery within 14 days, individuals with bleeding disorders and immunocompromised individuals. There are not enough proofs to determine safety for children, women who are expecting a baby or women who are nursing.

It is recommended to drink lots of water when taking Vinpocetine. You should not use it too late in the days because it may cause insomnia. You should consult your doctor before taking Vinpocetine to determine the right way to use it and whether it is appropriate for you.


Fortunately, Vinpocetine is quite easy to buy and conveniently can be purchased online. Amazon can be purchased from Amazon by companies Absorb health and Life Extension. Vinpocetine can also be bought more economically in powder form from This is the best source for bulk nootropics.

Vinpocetine’s unique mechanisms of action, promise as a brain protectant and potent cognitive improvement capabilities are sparking interest of all nootropic users. Vinpocetine is dependable brain increaser on its own and works well with other nootropics, making it perfect addition to most nootropic stacks. This supplement is ready available, inexpensive and safe.



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